The Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible


Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible
By Harry Woolridge

A definitive history of Triumphs two most popular models in the 1940s and 1950s In depth information on the Thunderbird not previously available. Year-on-year development history on both models. Year-by-year engine and frame numbering enabling correct identification. Colour schemes used throughout the model life. Photographs and colour prints showing each model in detail. Competition success and achievements for both models.

The aim of this book is to give a complete technical development history of the Speedtwin and Thunderbird. As a reference this book will be a valuable asset for anyone aiming to restore a Speedtwin or a Thunderbird to the correct specification.

Used as guide it will enable a would be purchaser or owner to establish the exact year of manufacture and identify the model type.


Published September 2004 (UK) & October 2004 (USA)

This book must be the perfect book for those who own or are considering owning either a Triumph Speed Twin or Thunderbird. It covers all of the 5T and 6T models right through from 1938 to 1966 and provides fantastic detail on each of the variants.

The author, Harry Woolridge, has certainly got the credibility to write such an authoritative book. He joined Triumph in the early 1950's and stayed there until Triumph's demise in 1983, by which time he was the Warranty and Service manager. Subsequently, Harry went on to work with Les Williams producing Legend T160 Tridents and T140 Bonnevilles.

The book is very clearly layed out with a year-by-year breakdown of both bikes including full details on the variations in technical specification, frame and engine numbering and colour schemes.

It is crammed full of photographs, drawings and marketing material showing each model in great detail. Perhaps my only minor criticism of the book would be that it would be nice to have had a few more colour photos.

Some of my favourite parts of the book are some very enlightening excerpts from internal memos written by Ed Turner describing his thoughts on his products. I feel that it's details like this that bring the history to life and give a real insight into how and why the bikes developed as they did.

In summary, I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this book if you want or need to know about the Speed Twin or Thunderbird.

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The Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible

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