The Manx Norton By Mick Walker


The Manx Norton
By Mick Walker

This revised full colour edition is updated with additional material including an extra chapter on the highly gifted Polish engineer Leo Kuzmicki. The Manx Norton is the most famous of all British racing motorcycles, with an ancestry dating back to the very dawn of the internal combustion engine. This definitive history traces the design, development, the leading riders and tuners, and contains a superb collection of photographs, many previously unpublished. This volume also features, early history, record breaking, sidecars, Formula 3 cars, scrambling, the Domiracer, racing at Daytona and today's classic scene.

  • The Birmingham Connection
  • The Featherbed
  • Grand Prix Exploits
  • Daytona Beach
  • Record Breakers
  • Three Wheels
  • Four Wheels
  • Joe Craig - Team Manager Supreme
  • Leo Kuzmicki - Man of Mystery
  • Off-Road
  • Over-the-Counter
  • Domiracer
  • The Tuners
  • Keeping the Flag Flying
  • The Classic Scene

    Designed and published in 2005 by Redline Books.

    This is another fine book by Mick Walker - and presented and finished to the usual high standards I've come to expect from Redline Books.

    My initial and lasting impression gained from this book is that of the beautiful photgraphs it contains. Every time I open the book I seem to find a picture I didn't notice last time! Obviously, these are predominantly racing pictures, but there are also many superb pictures of some of the faces and places associated with the bike. And what a bike it is!

    The development of the Manx from the CS1 and even earlier is included to give the complete picture of how the Manx was conceived, developed and sadly died in the early 60's. But has it really died? In many ways, the bike has been reborn and continues to survive as a bike with a future - and long may it continue!

      Chapters included in the book are:
    • The Birmingham Connection - A nice potted history of the Bracebridge St works and the setting for the development of the Manx
    • The Featherbed - Rex McCandless' superb innovation and how it changed the way bikes handled
    • Grand Prix Exploits - Geoff Duke, Dicky Dale, Ray Amm and others and their racing successed of the 1950's
    • Daytona Beach - Not often talked about - the story of the Manx's success in the Daytona 200 mile classic
    • Record Breakers - 21 world records broken by Artie Bell, Eric Oliver and Geoff Duke in 1949! Say no more!
    • Three Wheels - Norton and sidecars
    • Four Wheels - 500cc car racing. Not a sport I was at all familiar with! Includes a very interesting interview with Steve Lancefield - one of the world's most brilliant engine tuners and designers.
    • Joe Craig - Team Manager Supreme
    • Leo Kuzmicki - Man of Mystery
    • Off Road
    • Over the Counter
    • Domiracer
    • The Tuners - including Ray Petty, Francis Beart and Bill Lacey among others
    • Keeping the Flag Flying - Mike Hailwood, Bob McIntyre and others in a fascinating chapter
    • The Classic Scene - who's been racing Manx's recently!

    In summary, this books tells the fascinating story of the most famous British racing motorcycle and its links with all of the big names and legendary heroes of the sport. You do not have to be a Norton fan to enjoy this book as it provides a insight into one of the most satisfying parts of our motoring heritage - our total dominance of bike racing for several decades.

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The Manx Norton by Mick Walker

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