The BSA Gold Star


The BSA Gold Star
By Mick Walker

The BSA Gold Star is the companion book to The Manx Norton and The AJS 7R. This book covers every aspect of one of the best loved classic racing machines, from its beginnings back in Small Heath through the Brooklands days, Trials, the Café Racer scene to the classic scene of today.

  • Origins
  • Brooklands and the Birth of the M24
  • Post War Small-fin Developments
  • Clubmans TT
  • Scrambles Star
  • Thruxton
  • Trials Activities
  • Café Racer Culture
  • Post War Big-fin Developments
  • Road Racing
  • Roland Pike
  • Stateside
  • Rocket Gold Star
  • The Classic Scene


Designed and published in 2004 by Redline Books.

This is the first of Mick Walker's books that I have read. This is somewhat remarkable as he has written over ninety books. That's more books than I have read never mind written!

If the rest of his books are written to the same standard that I enjoyed in this book, then I shall be sorted for Christmas presents well into retirement….

What I like about this book, is the fact that it is not just a list of specifications and details on how the bike varied from year to year. Instead it provides a colourful and animated history of the Gold Star and the people who were and are linked with the bike in it's various guises. Some of the photographs, of which there are many, are superb and would grace many a mantelpiece. There are very interesting sections on some of the riders who raced the Gold Star including Bob McIntyre, Dick Aldous and Derek Minter.

The book doesn't constrain itself to the bike's history, but also describes how it is seen in today's classic scene including information on some of the more recent modifications available for the bike. It is a very well structured book with chapters addressing specific aspects of the bike such as it's Clubmans TT performance, its Stateside popularity, its scrambling and trials history, and also the development of the Rocket Gold Star.

As a keen Gold Star owner, I am quite familiar with the bike, and have read much on the subject. So it is always refreshing to find a book that addresses areas I was not aware of. This is such a book. In summary, a well researched, well written and well presented book on one of the true classics.

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The BSA Gold Star

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