The AJS 7R By Mick Walker


The AJS 7R
By Mick Walker

The AJS 7R is the companion book to The Manx Norton and The BSA Gold Star. This book covers every aspect of one of the best loved classic racing machines, from its beginnings back in Wolverhampton to the classic racing scene of today.

  • Wolverhampton Wonders
  • Plumstead
  • The Boys' Racer Arrives
  • Porcupine
  • 3-Valve
  • Record Breaking
  • Moto Cross
  • 7R Development
  • The Engineers
  • Specials
  • Seeley
  • Starmaker
  • Stormer
  • The Classic Scene


Designed and published in 2003 by Redline Books.

This is another fascinating book by Mick Walker. It traces the history of the AJS 7R, also known as the "Boy Racer" from its birth in the late 1940's through to its continued use in the modern classic racing scene. I know it is a matter of opinion, but the 7R must be one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made. It is certainly one of the most successful in its field.

The book covers all aspects of the bike's development, its racing heritage and many of the personalities who were involved with this wonderful machine. There's also a chapter on the motocross history of the 7R - an area that I was not aware of. I had always seen the 7R as a road racer, and yet it was equally successful in motocross and grass track events.

Profiles of the characters involved with the AJS are scattered throughout the book. These include articles on Dennis Poore, Mike Hailwood, Bob McIntyre, Les Graham, Alan Shepherd and many more.

The book is a mine of information and yet still an entertaining read.

The book is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of black and white pictures throughout. My favourite has to be the picture of Mike Hailwood taken in April 1960 with his 7R engined Manx Norton Special. Asked how light the machine was he replied "This light" and there is a superb shot of Mike smiling and holding the bike off the ground in front of him! Fantastic!

The book also covers some of the derivatives of the AJS 7R including the "Porcupine" and the 3-Valve 7R3. The most recent incarnation of AJS, the AJS Stormer, a tremendous motocross machine is also detailed. It always bring a smile to me when I see the look of amazement on their faces when they realise that AJS are still a going concern!

In summary, this is a highly informative and entertaining book and I thoroughly recommend it to you.

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The AJS 7R by Mick Walker

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