Road Riders Guide To England And Wales


Road Riders Guide to England and Wales
By Des Molloy

"Should be under the seat of every adventure minded biker" Performance Bikes

"Short of places to ride?.. gives detailed directions, local history and information. Perfect for a map pocket" Ride

"These guides should prove indispensible..." Motorcycle Voyager

"Worth squeezing into your tank bag.." Classic Bike Guide

"..numerous roads and routes for the classic motorcyclist...detailed descriptions and maps of each route" The Classic Motorcycle

  • Easy to follow maps
  • Full directions
  • For sportsbike, tourer and classic riders
  • Fits in map pockets for navigating on the move
  • Things to see and where to stop on the road
  • Designed for the motorcyclist

From Devon to Northumberland and from East Anglia to Snowdonia these 42 detailed routes take you on some of the most interesting roads for riding imaginable. Roads that make you want to go back and ride them again and again - from little used mountain passes with tight hairpins to open, twisting, traffic free enjoyment and all through stunning countryside. The routes cover all types of terrain and vary in length from as little as ten miles to about 80. Some are included for the riding challenges they offer, others for the fantastic views, some take you to out of the way and remote places you would be unlikely to find unaided, whilst others are close to major centres but all will give you that wonderful sense of freedom and enoyment that can only be gained from riding.

The book is wire bound so it will easily fit in a map pocket or tank bag, and all the routes are printed in easy to follow symbols to help the rider navigate whilst on the move. The essential guide for anyone going touring in England and Wales.

Dick Henneman has covered more roads on different bikes riding through Europe and the UK than many would think possible. When he's not clocking up the miles for the sheer pleasure of doing so, he can be found hard at work in the IT industry and carrying out freelance motorcycle journalist assignments.

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Road Riders Guide to England and Wales

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