Road Racing History Of The Triumph 500cc Twin


Road Racing history of the TRIUMPH 500 Unit twin
By Claudio Sintich

"This book...made me proud to have been part of the Triumph Engineering Racing Team" Les Williams

"A remarkable piece of work and a very good book!" Percy Tait

A wonderful book on the amazing road racing history of the "fast but fragile" Triumph 500 unit twin. From the Daytona successes of the mid 1960s to the end of the factory racers, including that fantastic second place to Agostini and the mighty MV in 1969, this book details the full history of the Triumph 500 unit twin racers. The story is told as much through the hundreds of period photos as in the carefully researched text; but wherever possible the words are those of the main protagonists themselves - the incomparable racers Percy Tait in the UK, and Gary Nixon in the USA, the Triumph racing team including Les Williams, Jack Shemans and Arthur Jakeman for example, and also the privateers such as David Kirby, Rob Prior and Dave Degens of Dresda fame, amongst many others. This is a book full of insight into those golden racing days for the little 500 unit twin. But perhaps just as interesting is the insight into the factory team that created this success with so little support from senior management, but which would later become the nucleus of the team which built the legend of the triples such as 'Slippery Sam'. Complete with a great many photos, many never before published, this is a real gem.

Claudio Sintich has always been a Triumph enthusiast from his very first bike, a Triumph Tiger Cub. He then graduated to a Tiger 100A. Following his schooldays in Nairobi, Claudio went to college in Portsmouth during the 1960s before returning to Italy for his army service. On leaving the army Claudio soon opened a very successful motorcycle repair shop, 'L'Inglese' specialising in British bikes and especially Triumphs!

  • Introduction: Why The Unit 500cc?
  • The Unit 500cc
  • The American Beginning
  • Why Triumph Meriden Went To The Daytona 200 Mile Race
  • The Bikes For The 1966 Daytona 200 Miles Race
  • The 1966 Daytona 200 Mile Race
  • The Bikes For The 1967 Racing Season
  • The 1967 Daytona 200 Mile Race
  • The 1967 Season In The UK
  • The Birth Of The 'Enfield' Frame
  • The Bikes For The 1968 Racing Season
  • The 1968 Daytona 200 Mile Race
  • The 1968 Season In The UK
  • Preparing For The 1969 Daytona 200 Mile Race
  • The 1969 Daytona 200 Mile Race
  • Triumph Unit 500 Major US Competition Wins
  • The 1969 Racing Season, UK and Europe: The Bikes
  • The 1969 Season In The UK And Europe
  • Publicity
  • David Kirby Partners Exp n.5
  • Exp n.5 Home Again
  • Other Racing Triumph 500 Unit Twins
  • Other Triumph-Engined Specials
  • How Racing Improved The Road Models
  • In Conclusion

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Road Racing History of the Triumph 500cc Twin

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