India - The Shimmering Dream


India - The Shimmering Dream
The First Overland Journey to India by Motorcycle in 1933
By Max Reisch

"A pacy read...entertaining reading" The Sunday Telegraph review

A truly great travel adventure through Iraq, Iran and Baluchistan to India in 1933. But what really sets this book apart are the wonderful descriptions of the people and cultures, now nearly forgotten, but still hugely relevant in today's age: all brought evocatively to life by the wonderful photos from 1933. At that time, the idea of traveling to India on a motorbike through the deserts was considered impossible; there were no roads and they were attempting to cross the burning deserts in the middle of August, on a tiny two-stroke motorcycle with barely enough power for the bike and rider, let alone a pillion passenger! Gripping stuff, yet perceptive and full of drama - definitely a must for all travel and motorcycle enthusiasts. Adventure riding at its best and one of the greatest ever motorcycle adventure books.

Max Reisch was a 20 year old student at Vienna when he set out on this epic journey to India together with Herbert Tichy. After Graduating he became a hugely successful explorer and travel writer, but this book about his motorcycle expedition to Asia is arguably his best. First published in German in the late 1940s, and now translated by Alison Falls, herself no stranger to motorcycles, it has been brought to life in the English language for an international audience.

  • Youthful Optimism
  • Where does Asia begin?
  • Annoyances in Anatolia
  • Joy and Woe in Paradise
  • Baghdad - In the Footsteps of Haroun al Rashid
  • Caution in Karbala
  • The First Great Crisis
  • The Paris of the East
  • Desert Fever and a Missionary
  • Our Life in the Desert
  • Letters from Home
  • The Salt desert of Dasht-E-Lut
  • The Oasis of Water Thieves
  • The Second Great Crisis
  • Latif Hamid and the Dynamo
  • The Map of India
  • How We Lost Face in the Golden Temple
  • Grass Fires and a Guilty Conscience
  • Vaikunth - Heaven on Earth
  • Crossing India; the Wish List
  • What Happened Next
  • Postscript.

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India - The Shimmering Dream

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