History Of Clubmans TT Races


The History of the Clubman's TT Races
1947 - 1956
By Fred Pidcock and Bill Snelling

Everyone with an interest in motorcycle racing, or in motorcycles of the 'Classic' era, has heard of the Clubman's TT. If asked, no doubt many could add some recollections from magazine articles describing these races held in the Isle of Man in the years following the Second World War. But question further, and it is likely that apart from remembering that the races were dominated by the BSA Gold Star, and maybe that Geoff Duke and Bob McIntyre took part in the early races, little else would be known.

The History of the Clubman's TT Races 1947 - 1956 gives a race-by-race account of the series, with full race results, a full list of riders and their entrant clubs, supplemented by many photographs illustrating the breadth of talent and machines that were pitted against the world-famous TT Mountain Course (and, for one year, the 10.79 mile Clypse Course). In addition, there are over 20 from-the-saddle articles by riders.

Foreword is by Bernard Codd, double winner of the last Clubman's TT races to be held in the Island.


The Clubman's TT is one of those events that most people have heard of, but many, including myself, know remarkably little about. This book aims to put this right.

It provides a detailed account of very race from the start of the event in 1947 through to the final race in 1956.

There are many great black and white photographs throughout the book including some of the more noted competitors such as Bob McIntyre, Bill Lomas and Percy Tait.

My favourite sections in the book were without doubt the "My Ride" sections. These are personal accounts and recollections of some of the event's competitors across the years. They each provide a very interesting insight into what the Clubman's experience was all about.

Reading the book, I was totally amazed at the variety of machines raced - I certainly never expected to see a Matchless G3L!

It is a book that can be picked up and browsed and never seems to fail to provide something that hasn't been spotted before. But it also provides a detailed reference source for anyone interested in almost any aspect of the event.

  • Foreword by Bernard Cobb, Double Clubman's TT Winner, 1956
  • CH 1 - How It All Began
  • CH 2 - 1947 The First Clubman's TT And Off To A Good Start
  • CH 3 - 1948 A Full House - And Vincents Rule The Senior
  • CH 4 - 1949 Accommodating A Record Entry And Two New Stars Emerge
  • CH 5 - 1950 A More Settled Format - TT Wednesday Was Clubman's Day
  • CH 6 - 1951 Four, Take Away Two, And So Near For Triumph
  • CH 7 - 1952 A Win For Triumph At Last, And An Island Debut For 'Bob Mac'
  • CH 8 - 1953 Coronation Year - And A BSA On The Senior Leaderboard
  • CH 9 - 1954 Changing Times - And What's In A Name?
  • CH 10 - 1955 The Clypse Year
  • CH 11 - 1956 Back On The Mountain
  • CH 12 - The Problems Increase - How And Why It All Ended

This is an extremely informative book that has certainly filled a big gap in my knowledge.

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History of Clubmans TT Races

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