Classic Motorcycling


Classic Motorcycling - A Guide for the 21st Century
By Rex Bunn

"I gained a great deal from this book and expect every other reader will gain likewise" Hugh Anderson, MBE, World Champion 1963,'64 and '65 writing in the Foreword.

A different and fascinating new look at classic motorcycling with an international flavour - sure to appeal to all owners (and intending owners) of classic bikes. Classic Motorcycling is about buying, riding and maintaining classic motorcycles. It comes complete with sections on survival rates of classics and their price appreciation over recent years with future predictions, and is literally packed full of advice for both aspiring and experienced owners. From choosing the right bike, training for today's traffic, clothing, safety, maintenance, how and where to buy those all important spares, equipping a workshop, projects to improve most classics to simply experiencing the joy of ownership - its all here.


This is a very different book from any other I have come across. It offers an honest, entertaining and refreshing insight into the world of classic motorcycling. It is written by Rex Bunn of Australia so the book has a truly international feel, but still certainly retained its relevance to biking here in the UK. I'm sure readers in other countries would also feel the same.

Classic Motorcycling is all about, choosing, buying, riding and maintaining classic motorcycles. It is packed with all sorts of advice, handy hints and amusing anecdotes that are good not only for novices, but also for more experienced owners. I certainly enjoyed the book very much and put one of Rex's handy hints straight into practice (how to check wheel alignment without the use of a miraculously straight piece of wood!).

There is also a very interesting piece of analysis on the recent increase in classic prices and how this may (or may not!) continue for your classic.

A very interesting and readable book!

  • 1. Foreword by Hugh Anderson MBE
  • 2. Why are classic bikes so popular?
  • 3. Choosing the right classic bike
  • 4. Where and how to buy your first classic bike
  • 5. Licensing, registration and insurance
  • 6. Bonding with your bike
  • 7. Global resources for classic motorcycles
  • 8. Riding, survival and shibboleths
  • 9. From waders to kevlar
  • 10. Maintenance at home and on the road
  • 11. Wherever your classic bike takes you
  • 12. Classic motorcycle survival
  • 13. The Bonnie index - consumer price index for classic bikes
  • 14. Improving perfection - projects for any classic
  • 15. Some thoughts for the road

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Classic Motorcycling

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