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    Gold Star Mouse Mat


    BSA Gold Star Mouse Mat

    1958 DBD34

    A stunning classic BSA! My personal favourite.

    A quality, durable hardtop mouse mat printed with a stunning classic BSA! My personal favourite. Backed with a 3mm foam rubber base.

    Measures 235 x 200mm

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    Lost Motorcycle Of The 1920s


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    Lost Motorcycles of the 1920s
    By Jack Bacon

    The 1920s were an amazing decade in motorcycle development. Lost Motorcycles of the 1920s describes, in as much detail as possible, over 50 of these lesser known motorcycles, providing a wealth of information on makes from Abbotsford and Alwin to Turner, Weaver and the Xtra Car - not forgetting the many transient, but somewhat better known marques such as Blackburne, Radco and Raleigh for example. Each model and make is described in detail and accompanied by as many illustrations as possible. Lost Motorcycles also offers some fascinating and helpful insights into the many facets of motorcycling during the 1920s - the roads and garages, suspension, tyres and clothing for example - all of which helps set these motorcycles in their period and gives a real feel for what motorcycling must have been like some 80 years ago. Absolutely invaluable to restorers and historians of early British motorcycles.

    Jack Bacon edited by Roger Fogg. During his life Jack Bacon assembled a vast collection of information on his great passion - 1920s motorcycles and motorcycling. Jack not only rode 1920s motorcycles throughout his life but also experienced the 1920s first hand as a motorcyclist, which gives his writing great authenticity and authority. Unfortunately Jack was not to complete his book before his death, but now, more than a decade later Roger Fogg has managed to assemble all the information into book form. Roger, like Jack, rides 1920s motorcycles himself and is a well known enthusiast and authority on these bikes.


    This is the book I've been waiting for! I can honestly say that this book fills a huge gap in my library. There is so much written about bikes of the 1950's and 60's and so little written of the amazing earlier decades - particularly of the 1920s. It really is an invaluable guide to restorers, historians and enthusiasts of bikes of this era. And as the publishers quite rightly claim, it probably contains all the information there will ever be in publicly available form on many of these old bikes.

    How is this for a quick list of some of the marques discussed in the book: Abbotsford, Acme, AEL, AJR, AJS, AJW, Alecto, Alldays, Alwin, Ascot Pullin, Ariel, Atlas, Autoglider, Baker, Berwick, Blackburne, Brough, BSA, Castle Three, Clement, Coventry Mascot... right through to Wiseman and Xtra Car. There are many names that I am not familiar with, but even more that I have come across but know nothing about. Now that is going to change!

    I don't often get excited when I write a review, but this one is different! Interspersed with the descriptive details, there are some extremely interesting articles offering an insight into the nature of maotorcycling in the 1920s, really giving the book a period feel.

    • Introduction
    • The British motorcycle industry in the 1920s
    • Roads and Garages
    • Clothing
    • Lighting
    • Belts
    • Forks and Dampers, Tools
    • Tyres
    • Lost Motorcycles of the 1920s (A-Z)

    If you are at all interested in this piece of motorcyling history, then this is a great book for you!

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